okay so the bottom line behind this meme is basically that unique feeling you get when you're somewhere you haven't been for absolutely ages, and things haven't really changed that much visually, but like still enough to somewhat distort your perceptions for a few minutes, it's the initial shock of seeing slight changes in the world around you and understanding that actually, none of us are getting any younger. this meme captures the essence of aging in a concise and powerful way, if you post this, no, WHEN you post this, you're evoking one of the most elusive areas of human understanding, reminding all who view it of their ephemerality and having a jolly good chuckle at their expense. 10/10 meme.

i mean, just the other day i was out in the garden, minding my own business when i saw a squirrel, it went behind a pile of leaves, picked up a nut, ran up a tree and just kind of sat there for a bit, started to wonder what kind of games it was into, maybe Darkwing Duck, it's hard to say, but what I DO know is it's probably not a fan of FPSes, now, nothing against that particular genre but it's hardly pushing the boundaries of innovation and in a sense we're all just like that squirrel, we just want to fuckin sit there and y'know, have a nut and all.

now you're probably thinking "that's cool and all but i'm staring at this whackass image of a clown on a roadsign and i'm just not sure what the fuck is going on" well that's a completely valid deduction and here's why: the clown represents how life just takes you by surprise sometimes, you know? doesn't take socrates to see a clown overlaid over a compressed sign and flip the fuck out with a deep spiritual awakening, fundamentally things are different now, maybe the clown's even aware he's there on some cosmic level, i don't know, in a way i didn't even put him there, maybe he chose me, maybe the rock from the last one did, i am not the definitive authority on explaining how or why clowns end up on roadsigns, life just works that way.

is it a meme? fuck yeah it is, i meme, i mean, possibly? who really sets the bars on those anyway? cosmic clowns? the clown must hold some significance, because it's not a beetroot overlaid on a coffee cup, this is different, there's sentience here, the clown is a respectable being.

if i drove past this thing i'd probably just shrug, there's a lot of people out there who'd claim to have seen a lot stranger things than the aforementioned face-painted aficionado.

enough about the clown. what does this image mean to the beholder?

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