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A Systemd user reading the Systemd source code. Despite the infinite time it's undying body grants it, it will never finish.

Systemd (Systematic Disorder) is a relatively new and dangerous strain of Windowsism. Systemd, while not sharing any of the common symptoms, is shown to be related to 9x Windowsism, as both Systemd and 9x Windows users have the same stability issue (no stability at all). Systemd users are uniquely dangerous in the sense that they are using GNU/Linux but are nevertheless infected with a strain of Windowsism causing them to retain the hostile, destructive, infectious traits of Windows users. In addition, they are known to have a much easier time infecting other systems than any other type of Windows user, and in fact are currently rapidly enveloping most of the human race. While it's possible for some Windows users to retain their personality and morality after infection, Systemd users have had all neurotransmitters responsible for positive emotions blocked during their infection, making them incapable of joy, sympathy, or even pity. For this reason they are all extremely dangerous and must be slain on-sight. Systemd users commonly employ manipulative tactics when being hunted, as their lack of positive emotions turn them into psychopaths, but keeping this in mind it's trivial to ignore their attempts at manipulation and drive a FreeBSD installation medium through their hearts to kill them.

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