The Woman Herself

 Supreme Calamitas is the real antagonist of the DONTREL series. She was a great sorceror that was made to do YHARIM's bidding, before MOUNTAIN DREW gave up as result of the many 3 year olds invading the CALAMITY mod page.

Supreme Calamitas came to Trelland after a certain KING CORRUPTURE broke REALITY ITSELF and put her into YOUR DESKTOP'S TRASH CAN. It so happens that said TRASH CAN is actually the world of Dontrel the Dolphin. She then made her way into Trelland through manipulation of HOMESTUCK AND STEVEN UNIVERSE FANS by luring them together and showing them cancerous pics of UNDERTALE. Indeed, The epitome of Cancer in a trash can is Trelland.


Supreme Calamitas can fire Brimstone balls, Brimstone Balls, Brimstone Balls, and more Brimstone Balls. Brimstone Balls travel at roughly 18000 times faster than DONTREL's max acceleration. Standing in 50000 light years near to SUPREME CALAMITAS will render the Cannon Caliber ineffective unless it is at the max level(Doesnt exist though)

At low health, SUPREM CCALAMIT will summon her bros. Her bros do nothing but look down at the ground in disgust because they hate being overpowered. They are prone to immense rage however, and feeling disgusted will trigger their ADHD which causes them to shoot Brimstone Balls, Brimstone Balls, Brimstone Balls, Brimstone Balls at DONTREL. These Balls are danker then those shot by SUPREME CALAMITAS.

UPDATE: AS OF VERSION 1.2 AKA 'RETURN OF THE DREW', SUparmem CJAkaaotkotas now pukes on the left and right side. Puke is instakill, just like all other puke. She also gains the power to be EXTRA EDGY, HAVE UNDERTALE REFERENCES, and INSTAKILL ATTACKS because good mods have bosses with instakill attacks. She can also pee on you now.

When very low health, She poops and her poops surround her. her poops shoot lasers also.

EXPERT MODE: She will become a feminist.

REVANGEAUGINNCEJEN MOE: Dontrel now dies upon finding out of her existmnece



If at first you don't succeed, then die again.

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