Slime Army

The Slime Army is a prominent organisation in a universe before the Outside. They are commanded by the GREAT and POWERFUL Lord Pinky. Most Slimes in existence are members of the army, while ALL slimes are neutral or pro it. No slime in the current age has EVER showed distaste towards the Slime Army.


(In Old world)

Citizens of Hallowstone. For messing with them of course

Linx. I nearly got killed like eight times

Miraki rebels, Hannah, Christine, Jack

Jungles, harpies and other things. They SUXXX. Especially Harpies

(In Current World)

Bunnies. No one should trust these guys.

Harpies. So stupid because they are ruled by a Harpy named Scifly. Basically, the whole Harpy race is now nothing more than Scifly clones that are slightly modified and made more intelligent.

The C0rrupture Medium. Fragment of a paedophile women stalker that is not affiliated to the development of Terraria at all. No, I promise. The C0rrrupture Medium however, isn't a paedophile or women stalker. He takes his anger out on timelines and existences instead. The world of Dontrel will be soon to be destroyed by him, unless I update Pinkymod faster and everyone gets a chance to reach the endgame and fight C0rrupture.

(In Dontrel Universe)

No one. Soon to be everyone probs

Notable (or Notable formal)Mem(e)bers

Lord Pinky. Founder and current leader

Blueky. LP's Second in charge(Old world): High Chancellor (In the future): High Chancellor, Saviour of the Sleeping Slime

Lightsie. LP's third in charge(Old world): Circulator of Cosmetics and Servant Leader

Gellant. Currently retired(Old world): General of Nikala Sorendy division, later promoted to rank of False King

Reyko. Missionary(Old world): Fighter pilot

Medked(deceased)(Old world): General of Miraki division. I killed him for messing with my friends and their village

Purply. Minister for Slimes (Old world): Chancellor in the Ministry for Slimes

Mythril Slime(deceased in old world)(public static constant in new world)No longer affiliated with SA(Old world): supersoldier

Me. Decided to join them cos apparently some dude controlling me tells me that Pinky is my adoptive mother

Hannah. Decided to join them after I joined

Future Members

Captain Enmin: Missionary

Nebuky: Missionary



To make things short, Pinky got pissed when the people in her dimension kept killing her. Gains rightful title as Lord of Slimes after the rarity polls(Which if the vote passed, Slime hierachy would be based on rarity instead of size). Proceeds to search for her son(ME??) after Terrarians seperated him from her in a battle. Forms the S.A to do so(Also note, world conquest). Rest is for a amazing story called the Legend of Pinky.

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