A portal to "Outside". No one who has ever entered it has returned sane.

Outside is theorized to be a plane of eternal suffering and confusion. No one has ever been able to witness this dimension and lived to tell about it. Anyone whom has traveled to this plane and come back has been traumatized to the point of speechlessness.


Numerous "portals" have been discovered that connect "Outside" to our own plane of existence. While under strict heavy monitoring, these portals appear secure enough to deny any dangerous denizens of Outside access to our dimension. So far, we have not found any way to destroy these portals or any other means of permanently cutting them off, making them an extremely dangerous weak point in our dimension's safety.

Survival Guide

Outside has been reported to be extremely dangerous, however this danger is not a constant. Outside has been known to fluctuate it's danger, going from the "Day Moon" period where hostile denizens of Outside are awake under a blinding and searing light, to the "Night Moon" period where visibility returns for humans and the Outside denizens disappear. This fluctuation occurs around every 12 hours. Due to safety reasons, it is currently forbidden to allow any non-drone personnel access to the Outside portals during the Day Moon, however authorization may be acquired during the Night Moon period.

Cataloged Denizens

We are currently attempting to catalog all the known creatures that exist in the Outside. Here is our current list:

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