Atomic structure of a meme (Gangnopus Stylosis)

Memes are the current energy source of Earth, fueling every current human civilization. Before the discovery of memes, humans were omnivores partaking in eating meat and greenery, while needing coal and fossil fuels to provide energy for their machines. When memes were discovered, the field of Memeology was founded, which quickly discovered memes to be a universal power source that could continuously provide energy to any mechanism, biological or artificial.

Currently, memes are an extremely abundant yet highly valuable resource. Monsoon has stated that "the only thing that truly mattered besides war was memes", which he referred to as the "DNA of the soul."

Memes are not outside the laws of entropy though, nor are they without their downside. Unfortunately, while memes have the capabilities of replacing conventional food products for humans, they also provide a side effect which deteriorates their mental health. Studies show after a long-term period of meme exposure, approximately 10-15 years, the average neurotypical human will be driven completely insane and will require institutionalization, as they may provide a threat to themselves or others. Memeologists are currently attempting to counter this side effect, but with no cure in sight and humanity's current dependency of memes, some Memeologists fear the worst for humanity and even predict total extinction as soon as 2040.


A man injecting himself with a meme

Bioshock Thuggish Splicer

Negative effects of long-term meme exposure (9 years)

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