The only known image of Meme Man

This page is about the divine entity. For the wikia user of the same name, see The Meme Man.

St. Meme Man von Forchan is the patron saint of Memes. He has the ability to control and conjure all memes. He has been theorized to have invented memes, but this has not yet been confirmed. Although it is theorized that he is thousands of years old if not older than time itself, he has stated that he is 84 years old. He is commonly seen wearing a classic plumber outfit and wielding a toilet plunger, which has been theorized to be a holy tool Meme Man uses to resurrect old memes from the murky depths of 4chan. Memeologists theorize Meme Man's body is composed of that of Carlton Banks and Jerry Seinfeld. Meme Man has not confirmed this, but has stated that it may be true.

Powers and abilities include conjuring memes, blessing memes, resurrecting old memes (which he gives a new home on Tumblr several years after their death), and bringing with him an air of joy and contentment where ever he goes.

Meme Man currently is aware of the negative mental health effects memes have on humans, but has not stated he has a solution for it. Some have theorized that Meme Man does not wish to take action on memes, as he will die if nobody consumes memes (as in, he is the personification of memes themselves). Meme Man has denied this.

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