Markao is a unit of currency adopted by the nation of Trelland after Trelland's previous unit of currency, the Kores, succumbed to hyper-valuation during the events of Dontrel Dolphin 2.

Before the Markao was introduced to Trelland, several strategies were employed by both the Trelland government and the Trigoons as well as rogue entities in an attempt to try and decrease the value of Kores to a reasonable level. Such strategies include the introduction of the Anti-Kores by Trigoon leader Queen Balladorina, the Trelland government's own emergency recall of all reserve bank-issued Kores to be confiscated by Dontrel Dolphin, and the sudden but brief introduction of Red Kores by the evil wizard Bretinado.

Certain measures were implemented in the Markao to prevent its value from skyrocketing upon release. These measures also helped reduce the chances of the emergence of counterfeit Markaos, one of which was known in certain Trigoon circles as the Anti-Markao. Markao was also selected as the currency due to its natural abundance in the Trelland atmosphere, and as such makes the Markao a very easy-to-obtain currency by sword-wielding dolphin residents of Trelland.

The Markao's value remains quite stable as of currently, and its stability has attracted several foreign nations to begin legislation to adopt the Markao as their own official unit of currency, several nations of which are now using the Kores as a currency, and 1 of which is using the Anti-Kores.

Nations that are currently using the Markao as currency:

  • Trelland
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