The Microsoft Disk Operating System is a hit, and no PC should be without it. MS-DOS was introduced as something new in 1981, which the general populous found to be essential for the many and the few. It was quickly found in local stores. When MS-DOS 5 was released in 1991, it was released with a few key benefits:

  • Used far less memory than previous MS-DOS versions, freeing more than 45 kilobytes of memory at least.
  • The best version of MS-DOS to come with Windows.
  • To people who believed MS-DOS to be a mystery, MS-DOS 5 was included with a graphical shell. This feature included drop-down menus.
  • Utilities included were a Task Swapper, Online Help, and Text Editor.
  • The new "Undelete" command provided extra help for people in unspecified peril.
  • Boots over any version of MS-DOS for any PC over the network.
  • For people unsure of how safe it could be, Microsoft tested the upgrade big-time.
  • MS-DOS 5 was found to be the easiest version of MS-DOS ever released, which Microsoft reported that the only thing easier was selling it.
  • MS-DOS 5 was one of the best-selling consumer operating systems, due to the fact that upgrading was entirely advantageous, and thus the natural thing to do.
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