Lord Pinky​ is by far one of the most overpowered enemies to exist to date. She has 20 HP. It seems small but wait until you realise that she has 900,000,000 defense and an infinie amount of attack, even more than Dontrel's maximum acceleration. She also created Dontrel in a lab, somewhere far away.


Lord Pinky can be encountered by travelling to the SACQ base (0.000,0001% survival rate zone). If you attempt to throw the Cannon Caliber at Pinky, she immideately reflects it, dealing 90x the original damage, instantly destroying Dontrel.


The destroyer of Parallel Universes, timelines and space time herself.


  1. Die


Lord Pinky is amazing. She has defeated Calamitas and destroyed Supreme Calamitas herself. She tamed Yharon at some point and disrupted a black hole by merely looking at it. She has a grip strength of (undefined).

She is able to destroy anything, thanks to her army and her PDR.

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