Dontrelopheon mode

Dontrelloogogpph mode is the most diffictult moed playavle in the DOntrle Universe. You can toggle it by buying the Tale of Dontrel and Telephones book on Ebay, placing ur computer on the book, surrounding it with candles and blood at night, and then getting your friends and you to scream BEEP BOP BEEP BEEP BOP BEEP out loud, so loud your vocal chords break and creepypasta addicts take your existence as proof that the Russian Sleep Experiment is real. After that, your computer will explode nad Dntrelototptptptppt mode will activate.


  • Cannon Caliber can only be used once.
  • Changes to all boss AI(AKA bosses actually have AI now)
  • Optional LEG END OF YIDE stage
  • Sprites that messes up your eyes more than Boku no Pico
  • Every 5 seconds, Dontrel dev will come up and remind you that he is the greatest and everyone else sucks. Via telephone, of course.
  • Eating fruit gushers now cause the Doom of Valyria
  • Optional Frog F**ktions ARG(Autistic Reality Game)
  • Insulting Mountaindrew will cause him to turn you into a slug and unload Dokuro's cube of sodium chloride onto you
  • Telephone mechanic
  • And ltos more!

Telephone Mechanic

You can now use a telephone by pressing alt-f4 on windows on command N+A+O on mac(Linux is irerellvle). Upon using the telephone, you will instantly die as your ex is on the phone.

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