Dontrel the Dolphin (Trelish: Metomali Retardus Killyeselfius Dontrel), otherwise called Dontrel, is an anthropomorphic


dolphin that has the uncanny ability to throw an infinite amount of rapidly-deteriorating comically-oversized swords, named Cannon Caliber, which can only be thrown 5 feet before fading out of existence. Due to the weight these infinite knives on Dontrel's mass (about infinite pounds) he sinks like a rock when in water, and thus cannot swim.


As stated, Dontrel can throw an infinite amount of his sword at foes, which will normally kill them instantly, except for boss monsters.

In addition to that, Dontrel can also accelerate his movement rapidly, to the point where his body can visibly disappear from existence from pure acceleration. However, Dontrel is a good sport and never uses this to get an advantage over his enemies, merely doing it while idle to show off.

The Cannon Calliber is a modified Prototype of "Earth", created by Supreme Calamitas, only to be destroyed by a particular human, and a certain magical crow.

The Cannon Calliber was also originally wielded by Yharon, but the duo had once again eliminated in search of the sword. The sword flew into the depths of oblivion, and accidentally struck Avalon. The duo had finally found the blade, only to be vaporised by a Psychorahna. Dontrel ate the sword, explaining the endless amount of supply of it that he has.


Dontrel is a humanoid dolphin wearing a blue shirt and brown khaki pants.


Dontrel lives in Trelland. In the games, he begins in Jade Forest, which may be his home.

Trelland is located in a remote part of Terraria, too retarded to see by the regular eye. In order to travel to Trelland, you require a Mythril Heart and the Goggles of Idiotwing, craft them together into the Sci(Fly)Scope of Ultimatum Retardium and gaze into it. This will feel like you stood still, but you will soon find yourself on the shores of Trelland.


Trigoons are the most prolific enemies. They are triangular in shape, and they can attack numerous ways.

Supreme Calamitas Is dontrel's main enemy, though she remains unseen for the most of the series. Kidding. ALL

Clone of Calamitas. Is Supreme Calamitas but well, less powerful and a clone.

Bus. Buses are very powerful and near unstoppable enemies. They are resistant to the cannon caliber unless you hit them in their weak spots. Which is to say, their engines, which is located on their sides. Since this is a 2d platformer plane of existence, it's impossible to reach the side of an entity, unless you are Lord Pinky or the C0rrupture Medium.

Quote. Dontrel mostly hates him due to jealousy that he comes from a decent game universe

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