Could this be the famous Dave Cutler? We just don't know.

Miracle Man Mr. Fantabulous DAVE CUTLER is the creator of Windows NT and an immortal being that has seen the rise and fall of the entire computer industry.


  • Dave Cutler knew 64-bit was the future before the year 2000, when he began to work full-time on 64-bit Windows.
  • Dave Cutler donated both his brains to starving children in India and won a nobel prize for inventing starving Indian children.
  • Dave Cutler once fed and adopted a stray Richard Stallman before letting it wonder with it's own kind as he slowly expired in front of a sunset on his beach-front property, finally being allowed to die.
  • Dave Cutler owns at least two LAPTOP DRAGON BALLs.
  • Dave Cutler once held an entire city in New York hostage with an atomic bomb before being stopped by Batman
  • Dave Cutler has at least 12 AI backups made by DEC.
  • Dave Cutler helped build the Large Hadron Collider by having wires tied to him and being placed into small pipes.
  • Dave Cutler worked part-time as the cameraman for Bob Ross.
  • Dave Cutler appeared as a guest star in 15 different episodes of the hit sitcom Friends.
  • Dave Cutler can work anywhere at Microsoft he wants at any time.
  • Dave Cutler's uncle works for Nintendo.
  • Dave Cutler is a Male to Male transsexual.
  • Dave Cutler is shown to have bio-luminescent skin when placed in a dark room.
  • Before dying from infection from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Dave Cutler's final words were "The sadness will last forever."
  • Dave Cutler was not willingly hired by Microsoft, but was in fact kidnapped and forced to develop NT.
  • Dave Cutler's "Trivia" section on the Dontrel wiki is a knockoff of those stupid Chuck Norris jokes that weren't even funny when they were new.
  • You're a faggot.
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