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Dontrel using the sword

Cannon Caliber is Dontrel's sword that accompanies him though his numerous quests. Despite it being a sword, Dontrel tosses it as if it were a throwing dagger. This is proof how swords forged by virtue of Supreme CAlamitas are the most powerful. Nothing looses to Supreme Calamitas.


1) Meepium Blastius

Dontrel, instead of throwing the sword, will eat it once again. Dontrel goes into maximum Transcendane, thanks to the power of the Meep. During this period, Dontrel will emit a devastating amount of radiant energy from his anus, and instantly demolish any enemy, and dealing high amounts of damage to boss monsters (See Supreme Calamitas for more details).

To obtain this upgrade:

  1. You need to obtain a Rocket
  2. You require 920,000 apples and a Vault Key (obtainable from any enemy, 0.000.0001/100,000,000,000,000,000 chance)
  3. You need to select the Stubbund universe DLC for $99.99
  4. Obtain Ancient Purple Dust
  5. The Meepium upgrade can now be selected for the Cannon Caliber.
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