Calamitas the Retarded one, DLC Promo Picture

C​alamitas (Ultamium Retardius II) is the autistic version of Supreme Calamitas and is a Tier -3 boss. Calamitas is fairly weak, and can be destroyed by the Cannon Caliber effortlessly.

Calamitas plays a small part in the Lore of Dontrel.

One day, when Supreme Calamitas took a shit, Calamitas came out of the eye's anus(?). Disgusted, SC kicked out the original Calamitas and created Cataclysm and Catastrophe instead. Calamitas WAS also the sole guardian of the Cannon Caliber.


​Dontrel should at leas contract ebola or diabetes, as Calamitas' damage will be nearly nullified.

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