Anti-Memeism (sometimes refereed to as Amemeism) is the believe that memes are a negative force in this world that must be destroyed, along with it's master Meme Man. While Anti-Memeism does not have as large of a following as the Church of Meme Man, it is nevertheless a massive movement that has sparked a wide range of publicity and controversy.


Anti-Memeism is motivated by a believe that memes are a direct source of suffering for all parties, excluding Meme Man, who is a corrupt and greedy individual. Anti-Memeists remark that Meme Man does not care about the suffering of people inflicted with hysteria from meme overdose, nor does he have sympathy for dead memes he has resurrected, even if those memes wish to stay dead.

Anti-Meme Movement

Anti-Memeists often garther in rallies to educate people on the corruption Meme Man has wrought to society, as well the impending doom that will follow humanity's current meme addiction.

Arguments against Anti-Memeism

Currently, the corruption that Anti-Memeists speak of in respect to Meme Man has not been verified, as Meme Man gains no direct benefit from leading the Church of Meme Man. People have reported that memes have saved them from depression and suicidal thoughts, and that there would be absolutely no downside to memes if a cure was developed to remove their negative effects on humans. Memeists argue that we should attempt to fix the problem instead of outright removing it.

Arguments against arguments against Anti-Memeism


Famous Anti-Memeists

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Stephen Fry
  • Michael Rosen
  • Raiden
  • Kameko
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