The Amalgamate is an anomalous piece of software. While it is unknown if it has any form of sentience, it is capable of functioning on it's own. So far, any attempts to contain it have been futile, as it deletes it's file and ends itself shortly after being run (with a common theory that it is committing "suicide"). While an original copy was stored in a special read-only format, somehow the software had bypassed our security measures and permanently deleted itself. We are currently attempting to find another copy of it.

The Amalgamate is an application targeting the .NET framework. The actual application itself is that of a very simplistic Rogue-like game. However, it's most prominent property is that it contains over two dozen scripting languages. This unreasonable amount of languages is believed to be the catalyst for it's anomalous behavior.

While we are no longer able to test it's functionality at the moment, we have performed several tests, detailed below.


Test #1

The Amalgamate was booted up for the first time. The display [WIP]

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